Action Fighter (USED) (IN BOX)


USD 15.00


(Actual Item In The Photo - Used - IN Box - No Manual) This is a top down vertically scrolling shooter, in which you start off as a motorbike. You are quite vulnerable to attack at first, but power ups come in the form of a Sega van which you have to dock with. The first time you dock you get double fire, the second time gives you a rocket, the third gives a rear force field and the fourth invulnerablility. There are also letters A-F which you can collect. Collecting A through to D allows you change into a sportscar which is less vunerable to attack, but not as nimble. Collect all of them and you are automatically transformed into a sportscar. Picking up flags gives you bonus points with 10,000 points gaining you an extra life. Eventually as you get further into the level you will transform into a high tech plane.

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