Sega SP-400 4 Color Plotter Printer (New)


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(Actual Item In The Photo) NEW

The 4 Color Plotter Printer SP-400 is a four-color printer which attaches to an SC-3000(H) computer or SK-1100 keyboard. It can only print in black, red, blue and green and has a switch to toggle between graphics and text mode. The SP-400 is a fairly rare peripheral, though finding paper that it can use is even more of a challenge. At the time, home computer printers were still finding their feet and were mostly aimed at businessmen and women working from home. As such, the add-on was not particularly successful and not much SC-3000 software makes use of it. In Japan the SP-400 was released in black and white colours (though a red version was not introduced). Strangely though, the Australian version was only available in white, despite their version of the SC-3000 only being available in black.

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