Safari Hunting (New)


USD 80.00


(Actual Item In The Photo) NEW Safari Hunting is a port of the 1980 arcade machine Tranquilizer Gun. The play area is sort of a maze-like jungle scene with walkable paths and impassible jungle, you can venture into the jungle on foot to hunt the animals and you can also shoot from your truck at any animals that venture out into the 4 edges around the play area where your truck travels. Your task is to tranquilize different animals (snakes, gorillas, lions and elephants). The larger the animal, the more number of tranquilizer darts it takes to put the animal down. As soon as you tranquilize an animal, a timer will begin to count down and you will have to slowly drag the animal back to your truck before the timer reaches zero or the animal will awaken and kill you. Not only do you need to consider the countdown timer for a tranquilized animal, but you also need to watch your trucks fuel gauge, which is basically a time limit counter for the game as you apparently leave your truck running while walking through the jungle.

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