SEGA DREAMCAST (PAL) overclocked 240Mhz Blue Led Light


USD 175.00


(Actual Item In The Photo - Used - No Box - No Manual) this is an overclocked sega dreamcast pal 240Mhz the dreamcast normally has a 200Mhz processor that mean 40% more powerful smoother animation faster performance and frame rate you will see the difference instantly no more lagging in Shenmue 2 or snes emulator tested on neo4all also no more slowdown every commercial title will run better like this i also included an overclocked vmu cause ur normal vmu cant Handel this powerful machine and that's not all i included a special blue light as seen in the pic 1 sega dreamcast pal overclocked 240mhz 1 official sega dreamcast controller 1 official sega dreamcast overclocked vmu 1 official sega dreamcast av cable 1 power cable This system is preowned but cleaned & tested by trained technician to deliver the best working condition.

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