Primal Rage (M/SNS-AR9E-USA) (NTSC) Used


USD 10.00


(Actual Item In The Photo - Used - No Box - No Manual) (M/SNS-AR9E-USA) Title : Primal Rage Company : Time Warner Year : 1995 Rarity : 17% The number one arcade game that has ruled the Earth is unleashed! Features the first ever full stop-motion animation, a colossal fighting engine for incredible hit combo and a massive number of normal moves, special moves and spectacular fatalities. Millions of years after the Gods were sent into suspended animation, a meteor collides with Earth, and its destructive fury rearranges the continents and destroys the cities. Humans survive, but the technology is wiped out. The force is enough to awaken the imprisoned Gods. They emerge to find the Earth they knew is gone - the Gods are awake and they are angry.

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