Donkey Kong Country 2:Diddy Kong Quest (SNS-ADNE-USA) (NTSC) Use


USD 18.00


(Actual Item In The Photo - Used - No Box - No Manual) (SNS-ADNE-USA) Title : Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong Quest Company : Nintendo Year : 1995 Rarity : 32% Donkey Kong has been kong-napped by the nasty K.Rool and the Kremlings, and it is up to Diddy Kong and his girl-friend Dixie Kong to save him. All the familiar enemies and helpful friends return, along with some new characters, including the wise Wrinkly Kong who will teach you some important lessons in gameplay. Again the emphasis is on banana collecting, where as every 100 bananas makes one extra life. Apart from beating K. Rool and rescuing Donkey Kong, there are extra missions that can be completed. Collect enough K. Rool Krem Coins to open up the routes to the Lost World, while every level has a hidden Hero Coin to collect.

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