Alien Vs. Predator (SNS-AP-USA) (NTSC) New (Resealed)


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(Actual Item In The Photo) New (Resealed) (SNS-AP-USA) Title : Alien vs. Predator Company : Activision Year : 1993 Rarity : 53% Based on the Alien VS Predator comic book series. During the 25th century, mankind has colonized many planets. On one of these, New Shanghai, strange creatures have been discovered. These Aliens cause much havoc. New Shanghai initiates a distress call to other planets in the galaxy. A cloaked ship belonging to hunting creatures known as Predators intercepts the message. The Predators on board decide that these strange Alien creatures might make worthy trophies for the collection. The player takes the role of one of the Predators.

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