Line of Fire (USED) (IN BOX)


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(Actual Item In The Photo - Used - Box - No Manual) A man by the name of Jack infiltrates an enemy base and discovers a secret weapon. Soon he is hunted by disgruntled enemy soldiers who want their toy back. The game takes the players through six levels controlling Jack in an armoured jeep. The gameplay is shown through a top-down perspective, with the screen scrolling vertically at a constant rate. The jeep cannot access the top part of the screen, only two thirds of it and getting stuck behind certain objects blows up the jeep. The jeep is equipped with an unlimited amount of bullets and about 50 missiles per mission. Certain objects in the air can only be taken out using missiles. After launching them, players can apply "aftertouch" to guide towards the target by moving left or right. The settings, including a factory and a jungle, sometimes have obstacles, also requiring the jeep to jump over rivers. There are three difficulty levels, the vehicle can take multiple hits and there are three lives per continue.

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